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O’ Times, O’ Manners


A perfect way, or word, to start this post. You failed! Or should I say that sadly, you didn’t, ‘cause you proved me right again. I knew, that if I make a post where I review the whole Avatar; The Last Airbender movie with more detail and using facts, no one would comment. Yes, all of my Avatar posts were tests. And all of you proved me right. If a person writes a post where s/he doesn’t analyze the subject at hand, but purely says one’s own opinion; s/he gets to feel the immature “wrath” of the ones that doesn’t agree with him or her. But if one writes a post where s/he makes a full, detailed and fact based analyze of the subject, oh and behold..!.. No one has anything to say.

Yes, indeed this proves it, that people are always ready to give negative feed-back/mock others/act immature/etc. But when a change is given for them to be mature and discuss about the subject without being negative and mocking others who doesn’t agree with their opinions.. No one takes that change.

So, O’ Times, O’ Manners.. Or O’ Times, O’ Morals.. I weep for humanity and humankind.

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Posted on December 31st at 8:50 AM
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